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The Animated Suit is a suit players may equip in Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales. It is unlocked at level 7, and costs 20 Activity Tokens and 4 Tech Parts in order to be crafted.



The Animated Suit is thoroughly similar to the Classic Suit with the same insignia and colour theme as well though this suit does not appear to have the belt or other armor and has bigger lenses as well as a slimmer body from the Classic Suit. It also has the cel-shaded effect that the Into the Spider-Verse Suit has, albeit more similar to Peter Parker's Vintage Comic Book Classic Suit in term of the models' graphic art-styles.

Original appearance

The Animated Suit is based on the costume worn by Miles and the art-style in the animated series Ultimate Spider-Man, which was his very first Marvel animated debut. It first appeared in episode 11 of season 3, titled "The Spider-Verse, Part 3" (September 20, 2014).