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Trophy: Demons Emerge
Complete Act 1 Bronze

And the Award Goes to... is the twentieth main mission in Marvel's Spider-Man. Peter Parker arrives to meet Mary Jane Watson at the ceremony for Jefferson Davis.

The mission is the first time in the game that the player controls Miles Morales as Peter Parker is unconscious for the mission's duration.


Peter Parker hurries to meet up with MAJ at the ceremony for Jefferson Davis, who arrives with his family, consisting of his wife, Rio Morales, and his son, Miles Morales. Moments later, Mayor Norman Osborn presents him with his medal and is pulled away quickly for a phone call while Jefferson has his chance to speak. Norman receives a call by an unknown caller that Jefferson's speech will go awry and that a terrible event will occur, the caller saying he wants to watch Osborn suffer. At the culmination of Jefferson's speech, Peter's Spider-Sense goes off.

Following this, Peter frantically searches the crowd for dangers, discovers that the Inner Demons have arrived, and that Martin Li is their leader. Li surrounds the pavilion and powering up their "negative" powers. On stage, it appears the Deputy Mayor is one of them as well. All of them are wearing explosives strapped to their chests. While one of them manages to detonate his explosive at the edge of the crowd, the Deputy Mayor tries to do so at the podium, but Jefferson intercepts him right before his bomb goes off.

Darkness sets in, and then Miles is being dragged away to safety, his mother following. Peter is laid down nearby with Mary Jane fretting over him. As Miles regains consciousness, his mother decides to go and find Jefferson. Peter remains unconscious nearby.

At this point, Miles regains his feet to search for his parents. He finds his mother trapped under debris, lifting it off so EMTs can tend to her. Despite his mother's protests, Miles pushes further inside the destruction. He finally finds his way to the now-secluded podium where the Inner Demons are. Failing to take one of them by surprise, he is nearly killed, until Li calls them off. As they leave, Miles finds his father, dead.

One week later a funeral is held. Miles, his mother, Peter, Mary Jane, Captain Watanabe , and Mayor Osborn all attend. Peter tries to talk to Miles after, but his words fall on deaf ears.


Upon arriving at the waypoint, a cutscene commences, following which Miles is controlled. At first, simply follow the linear path forward through buildings and debris, following on-screne prompts to navigate it. After finding Rio Morales, button mash Square to free her, then climb over and proceed forward to the stage.

The next segment is a stealth segment, as Miles must avoid the Inner Demons. The path forward is mostly linear, though it is important to wait until the Demons' flashlights are out of the way before proceeding, as they will otherwise find Miles. Knocking any of the objects too close to Demons is also fatal. In many cases, Miles can simply wait for Demons to leave an area before proceeding forward. At the very end, next to the ceremony stage, Miles can simply run forward to complete the mission.

With this mission complete, Act 1 ends. Act 2 begins with the next mission, "Dual Purpose".