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A Shocking Comeback is the tenth main mission in Marvel's Spider-Man. Shocker has violated his parole and started robbing again, but Spider-Man believes him to be working for someone. This mission is a pursuit through the city, where players need to periodically dodge blasts of energy.


Yuriko Watanabe calls Spider-Man to inform him that Herman Schultz, the Shocker, has violated parole again, prompting Spider-Man to swing over to stop him. On the way, Dr. Otto Octavius calls Peter Parker out of concern he may have left his Spider-Man equipment at the lab and that the grant committee would be asking questions; Peter assures him not to worry, and Octavius says he believes Spider-Man should not be swayed by J. Jonah Jameson or his fanbase. Further along the way, J. Jonah Jameson hosts another episode in which he responds to a caller who believes Spider-Man has made New York City safer by referring to supervillains, including the Shocker, that have appeared since Spider-Man stepped on the scene.

After reaching Shocker outside a bank, Spider-Man confronts him and chases him around the city. Spider-Man asks Shocker what he needs the money for, deducing that Shocker would not be stupid enough to steal money knowing the police are watching his every move, and that he must be working for someone. Shocker declines to answer, showing apparent fear.


When the mission begins, chase Shocker by swinging. Upon reaching him later on, when the Triangle prompt appears, use it to hit Shocker, prompting a short scene following another chase. Shocker will send charge up and fire blasts towards Spider-Man after this point, which must be dodged mid-air. Later in, upon reaching him, Spider-Man can web towards him again to hit him once more, ending the chase.

This leads into the next mission, "The Mask", and also unlocks the side mission "Spider-Man P.I.".