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A Fresh Start is the twenty-third main mission in Marvel's Spider-Man. Otto Octavius calls Peter Parker, urging him to come to the lab to help with a project.


Otto Octavius calls, urging Peter to return to the lab. Once there, Peter witnesses Otto fail at using prosthetics, and curse out Norman Osborn. After Peter asks, Otto describes his friendship with Norman; they were friends and lab partners in college, and both started Oscorp together, but separated after Osborn started a genetics project that Otto found unethical, leaving the company after lawyers were involved.

After Peter repairs the circuit and the prosthetic works successfully, Otto announces that the next step is designing and building the neural interface. Peter volunteers to help with the project, despite Otto's inability to pay him. Afterward, Peter looks at his phone to see a missed call from Mary Jane Watson.


Arriving at Otto's lab and investigating the two waypoint markers leads to a cutscene. After this, players need to complete a circuit project in order to fix it. Doing so leads to another cutscene.

Before leaving, the player may wish to complete other optional projects for experience points and Research Tokens. Many other things in the lab can be investigated, including plans for the Raft (Octavius explaining he was contracted to improve its security), a quick release needle to help with prosthetic rejection, and other items.

Leaving the lab leads to a call from Mary Jane. Completing a few citywide activities or a side mission leads to another call from her and then the next mission, "Dinner Date".