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• 12/14/2018

Spider-man's combat skills

I've wondering myself since i bought the game, ¿how did Spiderman learn all that fighting knowledge?. He does shows a high variety of martial arts and styles, but if he never had formal training how did he learn. ¿It was all by experience?

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• 11/16/2018

Spider-Man Walkthrough

A few weeks ago, I was asked by a gaming news website to create a walkthrough for Marvel’s Spider-Man that would be easy to follow and to understand. Now that I’m done, I’m sharing it across the internet in order to drum up awareness for it. This walkthrough is a guide on how to clear the game, and includes helpful tips, strategies for boss fights, and the best type of equipment to beat the game. As an added bonus, it even has videos that demonstrate how to win the game. Don’t want to sit through the whole thing? No problem: there are links to key moments in the videos so you won’t have to! Hope this helps!

Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 Walkthrough
Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 Walkthrough
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• 10/25/2018

Black Cat cosplay

With the release of The Heist DLC, looks like we've got some pretty talented cosplayers out there already sporting the PS4 version of Black Cat. Check out Hendo Art's take below:

'Marvel's Spider-Man's' Black Cat Comes to Life With This 'The Heist' Cosplay
'Marvel's Spider-Man's' Black Cat Comes to Life With This 'The Heist' Cosplay WWG
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• 10/23/2018

Who actually has the game from y'all Spider/WikiFandom-Philes?

Ladies and gents, I'm gonna ask y'all a question and you must answer it from the bottom of your heart...of hearts. Okay? So here it is...who actually has Marvel's Spider-Man for PS4? Cos I sure don't and I still contributed to this wiki site.

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• 9/8/2018

Spider-Man Strength

In the game there is a scene where Spider-Man pulls a semi or 40 tons meaning he much stronger than his comic book counterpart which can only lift 25 tons
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